Purchase Used Inventory at Bill Talley Ford for Maximum Savings in Mechanicsville

Today is the day for you to change your life. You can change your entire image and immediately find a sense of ease by simply buying a vehicle at Bill Talley Ford in Mechanicsville. We have everything you need delivered to you with simple, low monthly payment plans. Whether you are looking for a used Honda, Jeep, Toyota, or Nissan, we have them all and much more. Make us your first and the last dealer stop in the Richmond region. We focus on quality and work in a high volume to pass on savings and attract exclusive trade-ins.

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Why Are Used Cars a Great Value?

If you've been searching the Richmond region for that special deal, look no further than Bill Talley Ford. We know that you want the most for your money and that you are not about to pay for the highest insurance coverage or the newest luxury model. You may need a practical car for your daily driving, work, or leisure. When customization isn't your top priority, a used truck, used SUV, used sedan or hatchback, or other used vehicle makes sense for various reasons.

The most attractive aspect of a used vehicle in the area is the discount pricing. It is hard to believe, but a brand-new vehicle loses up to 20 percent of its value in the first year alone. This is because someone who is buying a vehicle typically will hang onto it for more than a year unless something is wrong. Of course, there are exceptions when it comes to owners who decide upfront to take a short lease of six months or a year.

Nevertheless, it is a logical devaluation and demonization when people are shopping for new cars. And if they are going to take a vehicle that's used, they need some serious price persuasion. We have far more leverage on used vehicles because the market is somewhat irrational. The book values, in our opinion, are far too low. And we would love to pay owners more for their trade-ins if we could still resell them at those prices.